Free Lessons : Trigonometry Math/Curriculum

Trigonometry is the study of the relations between the sides and angles of the triangles. The word Trigonometry is comes form the Greek words 'trigono', means a triangle and metro means 'measure'.

The free trigonometry tutorials covers, right triangle trigonometry, Trigonometrc Identities, graphing the trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions, radian meraure and many more topics which are helpful to us. You can access complete course content as the course structure given below.

  • Lesson :  General Triangles
    • The Law of Sines
    • The Law of Cosines
    • The Law of Tangents
    • The Area of a Triangle
  • Lesson : Radian Measure
    • Radian and Degrees Conversion
    • Degree to Radian Conversion
    • Length of an Arc (Arc Length)
    • Area of a sector
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